Friday, August 31, 2007

The Way Up to Heaven

The National Aquarium in Baltimore is perhaps the greatest attraction in Baltimore's celebrated Inner Harbor. It shows that the city really knows how to present fish in ways other than filleted and broiled. The crown jewel of the Inner Harbor, its modern architecture impresses almost as much as its 660 species of animals.

The mission of the Baltimore Aquarium is to "stimulate interest in, develop knowledge about, and inspire stewardship of aquatic environments." And that is precisely what it does. View a life-size model of a humpback whale, see the concepts of surviving through adaptation come to life and visit a coral reef! Housing more than 16,000 creatures it exhibits a variety of species in their naturalistic habitats. Whether you're an educator, a student or simply a visitor wanting to glance at the magnificent exhibits, it has a lot to offer.

Place-Baltimore, MD. Camera-Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT with 28-90 Canon lens

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

B'more Artscape

Baltimore’s Artscape is America's largest, municipally-produced arts festival that remains free and open to the public. Artscape features continuous musical performances by local, regional, and national talent on four outdoor stages, indoor and outdoor visual arts exhibitions, film, theater, the Artists' Market with crafts and works of art for sale, opera, dance, fashion, street theater and special activities geared towards children.

That night hundreds of people were enjoying there like crazy. This was the first time I got a chance to attend this festival and needless to say that was definitely a worth visit

Place-Baltimore, MD. Camera - Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT with 50mm Canon lens


This shot was taken on last year’s Labor Day weekend. My friend and his family came down here to explore Baltimore and Washington DC area. When we were at The National World War II Memorial , I saw this duck had just finished her bath and got ready for the rest of the day…this Mallard female was so fresh and rich in that colorful dress that I couldn’t resist myself to take her snap.The interesting fact about Mallards is that they swim with their tail held above the water and, when they are alarmed, they spring directly out of the water and into the air. The sudden flight of Mallards can make quite a spectacular sight.

Place-Washgiton, D.C., Camera-Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT with 90-300mm

Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Night at Niagara!

In the first week of August, I visited Buffalo (NY) meet my friends, to visit my university town n more to celebrate my b’day....:) yes, that was the special reason n really, it was an amazing event with friends, food, music, drive n lots of fun!
We drove from Baltimore to Buffalo and reached little late...mouth-watering shrimps (by Dips) and most awaited lemon peper chicken (by Prav) served up a delicious welcome dinner menu. Next morning, a drive to Seneca Lake and then Niagara falls at night were highlights of the trip…Then dinner at Popaya n Chocolate bar and next day surprise Choco-Strawberry pastry-cake, plus that hidden `just pizza' pizza,…all added into this memorable event…:)

Here is a Niagra shot for all of you friends!!!

Place-Niagara, NY. Camera-Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT with 28-90 Canon lens