Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Happy Diwali


Place-Baltimore, MD. Camera-Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT with 50mm Canon lens


Cris said...

A feast of light! Beautiful! Your halloween pictures are so nice!

a-xpressions said...

Thank you Cris..! I will write more about Diwali festival soon on this post!
...Am glad you like those halloween pictures...that was such a crazi night i have ever experienced...tons of fun...:))

Moi said...

so you go by the name Ashish??? :)

i totally love this pic..the bricks add to the warmth of the pic....

a very happy diwali to you too :)

i have not yet moved to Seattle area for good. we are here to attend a conference and to hunt for an apartment for our final move in Dec :)


HAPPY DIWALI TO YOU. Congratulations on winning pumpkin carving competition. Your Halloween photographs are very lively. Keep it up.