Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Santiago Calatrava: Sculpture Into Architecture - III

And here is the internal hallway which leads you to the permanent collection of old masters and 19th and 20th century work and German expressionism. If you are big fan of‘Georgia Keefe’ this the place to visit...!




So now you know that Milwaukee's fame is not limited only as a brewing and manufacturing powerhouses but the city is reshaping its image by adding such wonderful bold expressions on its soil...:)
See Yahh Milwaukee..!!

What is next?

Place - Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Camera-Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT with 18-55 Canon lens


Melanie said...

Seriously cool shots!!

Cloudscome said...

Wow this series is amazing! Cool photos and great building. I would love to walk through this with a camera.

a-xpressions said...

@ Melanie and Cloudscome:

Thank you for your comments.
It is such a nice building/mesuem that you hardly realize the time you spent there untill you see sky is ready for set in Michigan lake.

Moi said...

awesome series!!!! love the whole geometry in the shots!!!!

Geraldo said...

Great series of pictures! Of course it's even better to see it in person, specially when it closes and opens its wings...
Answering your question (sorry for the delay): yes, I've been to Milwaukee and I hope to return there next year.

Have a Merry Christmas!

a-xpressions said...

Thanks Moi and Geraldo...
and Merry Christmas to you too...:)))

Cris said...

Hi... these pictures show a beautiful work of art, it's just amazing, I keep looking and imagining how long it took for the architect to have this on "paper" actually and then how the construction went along. Thanks for sharing these wonderful places to visit. I have never been there, but you never know how life turns out and I do hope to visit this one day!